Welcome to the Inability Possability website. We are a volunteer organisation which works with young people with severe acquired brain injury with high and complex needs, and their family and friends.

Imagine being in the prime of your life and then, after a gap of weeks or months, finding yourself emerging from coma, hearing and understanding, though you are unable to move or speak, and most people treating you as if you are ‘not there’. You are ‘trapped’ in a profoundly disabled body and communication system.

Brain injury can happen to anyone at any time. A doctor at a public hospital said to the parents of a 28 year-old man with sever brain-injury, ‘You are everyone’s worst nightmare – it could be our son or daughter, or one of us’.

Causes of brain injury include a head injury, lack of oxygen to the brain resulting from causes including breathing stopping, epileptic fit, diabetes, asthma attack, drug overdose, near drowning or severe infection.

In January 2001 a group of people came together to create a float for the Victorian Federation Parade to be held in May 2001. It was based on the issue of young people with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) requiring high levels of care. In front of 300,000 people, the float, lead by three young people with ABI, was the genesis for Inability Possability.

Inspired by the float building experience and with a resolve to assist young people with ABI requiring high levels of care, the planning group contintued and became incorporated as Inability Possability in September 2001. The name reflects that we all have inabilities, and we all have possabilities.

Melbourne based, Inability Possability is a volunteer organisation which seeks to address situations of disadvantage experienced by young people with acquired brain injury requiring high levels of nursing care. These young people are amongst the vulnerable people in the community.  Due to the nature of their acquired disabilities, they are often unable to challenge structures that keep them in their position of disadvantage. Given appropriate environments, resources and care, these young people can continue to make significant improvements for many years, and actively participate as interdependent members of society. 

INABILITY POSSABILITY Inc. seeks to address these problems via a number of approaches, including; advocacy, lobbying key stakeholders including government and health professionals, innovative empowerment projects, community awareness raising, producing publications and resources, undertaking research, working collaboratively with other agencies and connecting young people and their support networks to each other. 
INABILITY POSSABILITY Inc. produced a publication ‘Still the doors are open – Writings of Life’ for the National Summit on young people in nursing homes exploring personal experiences of Acquired Brain Injury, from the perspective of family, friends and carers.  Copies are available from INABILITY POSSABILITY.